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Welcome to the Satellite Sisters Re-Cap of Madam Secretary with writer Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan, Former Expat and International News Round-up Host. 
Wow! This episode had it al!  Madam  Secretary is action getting it done, on the ground and in the air. Henry wearing blue jeans and going all Indiana Jones trying to save antiquities! And the Sassy McCord kids eating breakfast and inciting security concerns. Deposed Despots eating figs on camera  in a silk bathrobe like Hugh Hefner  meets Isis. 
And a cliffhanger…
Three storylines here:
The US is trying to get the madman who runs Algeria out of power and install a moderate professor. Bess is working with a tough talking ambassador who has persobally brokered the deal, then reneged on his promise to see it through because of the presidential race, then convinced again and promptly drops dead. 
Religion Prof Henry is concerned about the destruction of priceless antiquities throughout the middle east, including statues in a monestary in Algeria. So while Bess is trying to hold the government together, Henry is backdooring UNESCO to send in a team a archaeologists to removes the statues. The plan falls apart—but it looks like Henry will be back in action with Black Dog Station. Get Henry a bullwhip!
Someone is watching the McCord kids. And Bess and Henry decide NOT to tell their mature, intelligent kids and that comes back to bite them. Jason is the lone hold-out, refusing to give the FBI is phone log in and I say, Go Jason!
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Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan on today's podcast with news, talk, laughs and one celebrity sighting. Julie kicks off the show with an ill-fated visit to our parents grave. An A for Effort... but a "Oh, Dear" for execution. Hear what happened when Julie had the PERFECT gesture for our parents' gravesite and how it all went wrong. But Liz declares, "We don't want to be as judgmental as our mother would be." A conversation only sisters could have. 



The First Ladies Desk-- a big thank you to Michelle Obama for breaking the mold and doing it with style and grace. From the New York Times, read  To The First Lady , With Love here. 


Liz follows up with some Broadway babies. Video of Andrea and Jessica belting out Tomorrow at last night’s gala:
Also, Liz is Late to the Party on Clowns and Harry Potter. 
Clown Sighting Prompts Arrest
Harry Potter audiobook by Jim Dale at Audible:  Use our audible URL
Lian Adds Getting Invited to State Dinner to her Bucket List. One look at this menu and you'll understand why...
Last Obama State Dinner by Mario Batali:  Menu
Would you go to Mars? Us neither. But that doesn't mean that the thought of it isn't exciting and magnificent. This month's National Geographic Magazine is dedicated to the quest for Mars. For more information on the Ron Howard TV Series, Click below: 
Nat Geo special website for the MARS miniseries:


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Today's show is a New To You Satellite Sisters episode from October 15, 2008.  We start with Installment 1 of Edna and Jim's Excellent Adventure.  Monica's about to leave on a road trip with our parents to move them from Oregon to California.  It was the beginning of a series of transitions we made with our parents.  For those of you who have been through this experience, you know how difficult and unpredictable it can be.  We enlisted a Geriatric Care Manager and did a great deal of research about caring for the elderly.  

In other news, Lian makes the argument that Beverly Hills Chihauha should really be named Beverly Hills German Shepherd.  Go Delgado! Monica has a list of the 8 most dangerous pets for kids.  Lian has strong feelings about turtles and has tales of Galapagos and Yangtze turtles that need preservation around the planet. 

Sheila has a list of the worst healthy foods and attempts a crazy calories quiz for Yum Brands.  Later, she's on the Cozy Couch: Perfumes that make women look slimmer!  Smart new ways to remove water stains! Autumn candle therapy.  Here we are with just a few weeks left before the 2016 election, so we could also use some candle therapy. 
Thank you for your donations to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. We'll have another story for you on Tuesday's new show. 
Also, to use the special offer from Glossier that we launched on Tuesday's show, go to and use the promo code sisters.  Shop and enjoy.  Julie enjoyed the Boy Brow.
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It's Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Satellite Sisters podcast. On the show this week, we are suffering in Post-Debate Aftermath Liz asks what Satellite Sisters Locker Room Talk would sound like. Julie suggests a "newscation."

And Lian wants to know who would go work for Donald Trump. Seriously, how are we supposed to find the next generation of talented women to head to Washington if the potential boss makes you hug him every time you get off the bus.

Julie fears for the End of the Republic, but Lian shares some positive stories about women around the world. Happy Birthday, Eleanor Roosevelt ! Who is celebrating Ada Lovelace Day? And it's the International Day of the Girl! 



Writing Letters of Recommendations. Be wary of words! You can read the study here: Fortune story on Gender Bias in letters of recommendation

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Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters re-cap Poldark on PBS Masterpiece. On this week's episode, Ross Poldark is less than heroic with his brooding ways, selling off his chickens, drinking too much and nearly making out with Elizabeth. Plus, Demelza tries to help a sick cow, Dr. Ennis tries to help a fake putrid throat, and Mr. Drink fakes his own death. It's a hodgepodge in Cornwall this week. 



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Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters re-cap the CBS drama Madam Secretary, Season 3, Episode 1. "Sea Change"  Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord is back as is the whole White House crew and the McCord family. Guess what? There's a presidential election join on-- NOOOOOOO! but don't worry, it's a much better race than our actual presidential election. In the Madam Secretary world, the candidates talk about actual issues like global warming's effects on National Security as opposed to Rosie O'Donnell. Will Bess take the VP job? Will Henry take up his position on Black Dog Station? Will Bess cut her hair and go back to Breck Girl Dream Hair? We discuss it all on the re-cap show. Starring Tea Leoni and Tim Daly. 

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Toady on the Satellite Sisters Podcast, we want pay tribute to a great friend of the show and one of Julie's trie Satellite Sisters for over 40 years. We mourn the death of Linda Kory Ducruet and remember what a bright light she was to all the sisters. Plus, how to really send condolences to someone who has lost a loved one and why they are so meaningful. Plus, a shout out to Alana Stewart and her care of Farah Fawcett in her last days.




Empty nest Update: this just in... It's weird. 

Work reunions: More fun than they sound. Liz relives the good times at Nike with former colleagues

New Body Language Tools for women: Projecting Leadership through eye contact, steeple-ing and slow talking. 

Earthquake Prep for the Southern California Sisters: Swarming quakes and what they mean

Facebook roundup: sisters weekend, Queen of Katwe, Poldark & More


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Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters are back with their re-cap of the PBS series Poldark. The Satellite Sisters love the action in 18th century Cornwall especially the scathing and the cola mining. On this week's Poldark, it's the trial of the 18th century and we're invited. All our favorite Poldark tropes are back: staring at the sea; riding furiously along the coast; gratuitous shiftlessness! Yes! 

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Liz Dolan, Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan are back for the start of Satellite Sisters Season 16. Today on the podcast, they discuss The Presidential Debate. Liz has a few observations on Donald Trumps "manterruptions" and she recommends a course on How To Handle Criticism. Also, fro the record, we prepare more for the Satellite Sisters podcast than one candidate appeared to prepare for the Presidential job interview.



Julie got hacked or did she? Paging Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. We have a few questions for her.

Lian Drops off her son at college and is pretty proud that she was not a blubbering idiot. Plus, a few things she's learned about the Empty Nest.

International News Round-up: Fast Lanes for Fast Walkers; Man in Airport Lounge for Weeks; Duchess of Cambridge killing it in Canada

Do rollercoasters help you pass kidney stones? One study says yes! 

Liz gives a big cheer for the new movie The Queen of Katwe by director Mira Nair.

Plus, the silent treatment in not for waiters.  



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