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On today's show, Lian celebrates Kyle Chandler's birthday and Sheila asks for Customer Service advice.  Plus the Lab Rats test macaroni and cheese, Julie joins us with a sticky situation of the week and Sheila is on the Cozy Coach. Phew. This is a New To You show from Sept. 22, 2008. 

Sheila has a customer service issue with her HP Ink Cartridges.  Why do they run out so fast?  She turns to Lian first.  She calls Lian "the Executive Producer of her life".  Lian suggests she call the experts so Sheila tries gets on the line with HP.  Not surprisingly, this does not go well.  

Lian has insights into math from this story in the New York Times entitled Gut Instinct's Surprising Role In Math. This results in to Pop Quiz for the sisters.  This does not go well either.

New Satellite Sisters Sticky Situations: Julie's challenge is dog-related. Her Zorro was not well-behaved at a dog park.  Julie sees it as Zorro "playing with the Pomeranian" but apparently the pomeranian and her owner did not feel the same.  What do Lian and Lian suggest? Another Sticky Situation regarding hugging and hand washing in the workplace prompts Sheila to explain her approach to Germ Attacks. Namaste. 

And Sheila's back with Cozy Couch. Woman's World has a story on what to do if your hormones are broken.  Hmmmm.  Plus Tips To Clip:  Happiness Boosters! Smart News Uses for Tater Tots and Cotton Balls!


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On today's Satellite Sisters, we handle the breaking news of the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt divorce.  Liz has a history with Brad Pitt. She has actually slept with Brad Pitt. It's true. Details on today's podcast.  Is this a #liznessnotbizness sign from the universe that Brad is in Liz's future?  She also asks Julie for a little dream interpretation.  Liz had a dream involving LLCoolJ and auto bodies.  What does it all mean?  If you have thoughts, please post on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group. 

While on a few days vacation in NYC last week, Liz did a Hamilton/Spamilton double. She saw both the Broadway superhit and a spoof of the Broadway superhit on the very same day.  Yup.  She's a hard core #Hamilfan.  Both were fantastic!  We recommend!

Julie has several trends for Tuesday Trends today. First about CEO of Lyft says they are going to all self-driving cars within five years.  Second trend is about how people no longer want to sit at restaurants. Julie's third trend is a new sport called Forest Bathing. Whaaaa?  Next, how do you feel about electronic implants instead of house keys or car keys?  Whose bright idea was that? 

Liz awards the Satellite Sisters of Week to the Brownlee brothers Jonny and Alistair. They are both international triathletes and Olympic medalists but their performance at a race in Cozumel was the best.  When brother Alistair lost his mojo and became confused near the finish, Jonny literally picked him up and pushed him over the finish line. That's heart.  Love these sibling stories.

As long as we are talking about brotherhood, we heartily recommend the new Beatles documentary 8 Days A Week:  The Touring Years.  Liz saw it at a packed Monday afternoon matinee.  The documentary includes interviews with Paul and Ringo plus Elvis Costello, Whoopi Goldberg and Malcolm Gladwell. In the theatre, you get a bonus 30 minute digitally remastered film of their famous Shea Stadium concert. If you want to watch at home instead, you'll find it on Hulu.

For the start of the TV season, Julie recommends a process for how to decide what to watch.  Liz repeats her recommendation that PITCH debuting on Thursday night on FOX is definitely worth checking out. 

Finally, we announce the launch of our new Satellite Sisters season next week. It's season 16, people.  Can you believe it?? Starting next Tuesday, Liz, Julie and Lian will be on every Tuesday.  Lian and Julie will also do their TV recaps for Poldark starting with Sunday Sept 25 Secretary and Madam Secretary starting October 2, 2016. Monica and Sheila both of have other professional and personal commitments so they will not be on any of the news shows but you can continue to hear them on our New To You shows that will continue to be released on the weekends. Our complete audio archive can always be found at


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On today's Satellite Sisters, we bring you Julie, Liz, Sheila and Monica from September 15, 2008.  New to you!

Monica has a souvlaki situation.  What should she do at the new Pita Pit? This prompts a discussion of bad restaurant names. Liz recalls Cookies and Couscous on Sheila's old block in Greenwich Village.  Monica loves Cabbages and Condoms from when Julie lived in Bangkok, Thailand.  She is also excited about a new restaurant she read about called Permanent Brunch. What's not to love. 

Julie wants to tackle the issue of hugging in the workplace.  Yes?  No?  What say you, Satellite Sisters?  How do you know when to hug and when a warm handshake will do?  Don't even get us started on kissing!

Liz brings Sheila a new magazine about the single life called Singular.  

The Lab Rats Sheila and Monica bring you their report on body washes.  They've already tackled scrubs, soaps and sugars.  They do it for you, people.

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Tuesday podcast with Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan. Breaking news from the set of Dancing with the Stars. Why is Gov. Rick Perry doing the rumba? Why would anyone bother to protest Ryan Lochte ? And why bother with this season when Laurie Hernandez is gunning for the Mirror Ball?




The Bitter Business Bureau The Story of BioTech Wunderkind Elizabeth Holmes and her fall from grace. Read the story here in Vanity Fair: 


Why Do We love Tomato Juice on Airplanes. Yup, it's the altitude and something else.

Health News: Busy Brains, Hungry Tummy

North Korea: While other people are monitoring Ryan Lochte, Julie has her eyes on North Korea's Nukes

I Don't Want To See Bridget Jones Have A Baby. Ever. Even Colin Firth's Lian defends BJ, forever single. 

The Bathrobe arrived! It's a hit! 


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On today's Satellite Sisters podcast. Julie, Liz and Lian tackle:

Two awards for Gretchen Carlson on her $20 million settlement from Fox News.  Gretchen, you are our #staynoisy sister of the week.  Also, Best Use of An I-Phone for secretly taping the illegal and vile things Roger Ailes said to you.  

How Not To Get A Meeting With the President of the United States:  Speaking of vile things, Julie has a review of the vile things so-called diplomats have said to each other lately. President Duterte of Philippines, welcome to the list.

Philae Lander, We Hardly Knew Ye:  Well, the finally found a photo of where that Philae lander ended up on the comment.  In a dark ditch after bouncing twice.  It makes us :(

Speaking of space, get out your lightsabers! Lian saw John Williams conduct the score from Stars Wars with the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend. Loved it.

Next up for Lian Dolan this month is a college drop-off for her freshman son.  The shopping starts now. There's a bathrobe debate happening, among other things. On the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group, listener Kathleen posted asking for advice for her son starting his senior year in high school.  Lian recommends the parenting website Grown and Flown and thanks all the members of the Satellite Sisterhood who posted their own suggestions. 

Julie recommends Maria Shriver's website for some empty nest insights as well as thoughts on Mother Theresa and unconditional love from the book A Gift of Love by Tony Cointreau.

From the Wall Street Journal, Liz brings us a sad story of older women getting exploited by scammers in online dating services.  Victims lost more than $120 million to "romance scams" in the first six months of 2016. What?  As if online dating wasn't bad enough. 

Media Round-Up:  Julie saw "The Light between Two Oceans" which she describes as a slow satisfying cinematic sobfest. Lian recommends Delia Ephron's book Siracusa and Mike Virbiglia's movie Don't Think Twice. She cannot, however, get on board with the much beloved Gilmore Girls.  We guess she's just too late to that party. 

Lian makes a shopping breakthrough.  She was stalked by a Steve Madden bag online and managed to actually buy it here! She's also got the scoop on fall fashion trends from Real Simple Magazine, most of which the Satellite Sisters will not be wearing. 

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On today's Satellite Sisters, Lian, Sheila, Monica and Julie get together for an end of summer recap, including Sheila's Summer of Love. This is a New To You show from September 10, 2008.  Sheila tells us about her date with Brad Garrett (see audition tape here) and her story at The Moth.  Plus, this episode ends with a very special Cozy Couch.  Sheila has a story from Woman's World called Eat This + Feel Happy.  Plus Smart New Ways To Use Baby Oil! Can't beat that, can you?

In between, Monica has a awesome Believe It Or Not game for the sisters, Lian is happy Beverly Hills 90210 is back plus has a news story from GMA about  Munchausen-At-Work Syndrome. She suggests that you just imagine Steve Carrell in The Office to get the picture. Julie also has a point of view on something called The Amethyst Initiative, a move by college presidents to lower the drinking age on campus.

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On today's Satellite Sisters, Liz and Julie tackle:

The sad news about Gene Wilder.  Here's the announcement his family sent out that explains why he did not tell the world he had Alzheimers and here's where you can watch James Corden's lovely story about meeting Wilder backstage on Broadway.

The equally sad news, but in a different way, about Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. Huma, your Satellite Sisters are rooting for you.

Emmy voting!  Liz is an Emmy voter and discovered a whole new category of content this year as she was completing her voting.  Have you checked out the overlooked Emmy category of Outstanding Short Form Variety Series? Liz recommends you check out: Epic Rap Battles of History on YouTube, Gay of Thrones from, Honest Trailers on YouTube, Making A Scene with James franco from AOL and Park Bench with Steve Buscemi on AOL.  

Julie's Picks and Pans:  Julie recommends one movie Hell or High Water and one book American Heiress.  Having seen the trailer, she's not so keen on that new Meryl Streep movie. We love you, Meryl, but we are not going to see Florence Foster Jenkins. Sorry, sister. 

Liz brings us a trend: Hammocking.  It's all the rage.  Want to know how to sleep in a tree?  Liz explains how.  

And of course we end with dogs.  What are they thinking?  And why can't they just tell us?  Here's the latest science on dogs

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ONE OF OUR MOST REQUESTED SATELLITE SISTERS PODCASTS EVER: A NEW TO YOU SHOW FROM AUGUST 8, 2008.  We've never solved this mystery of Julie, the stranger and Zorro's slobbery tennis ball.  Lian, Monica and Sheila can't believe Julie was so trusting with a odd request.  What started as a "sticky situation" became a potentially dark tale for intrigue and germs. Listen and tell us what you think was actually happening.  Post your theories on our Satellite Sisters Facebook Group

Monica has questions about online reading.  Does it have the same effect as reading a book or magazine? 

Julie recommends a new play based on Little House on the Prairie that's on stage in Minnesota. 

Lian has some new TV habits.  Her household has become a Nick At Night household. 

Science with Sheila! Sheila has a list of the 10 things not to worry about on vacation from science writer John Tierney of Thew New York Times. Killer hot dogs, shark attacks, unmarked wormholes. 

Plus big entertainment news from Sheila:  She's been cast in a reality show.  She's Dating Brad Garrett

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On today's Satellite Sisters, Julie shares a cautionary tale of organic cherry tomatoes, benign salad-making and an unexpected attack by a killer bee.  Plus FISH FRAUD.  What is this world coming to???

Liz is feeling the post-Olympic blues.  Katie? Allyson?? Simone???  What are YOU doing today?   Special thanks to NBC for deleting Ryan Lochte from every single video highlight reel.  Quick work!  Julie thinks Ryan should get advice form Tyra Banks so that she will be teaching Project You about branding yourself at Stanford Business School.  Liz thinks he might get more useful perspective from from Tonya Harding.

It's college drop-off season so we have many comments and some advice from the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group about how to survive this potentially wrenching transition.  More advice to offer, post it there! 

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On today's show, Liz and Lian are home from Rio with a complete Olympic report.  But first, you aren't going to believe Julie's adventure (or misadventure?) with Barbra Streisand in Brooklyn.  Urban Nana hits the Barclay Center. 

Lian shares the Satellite Sisters Keys to Success in Rio.  Sports cliches are not just for athletes, people! We've got focus.  We overcame adversity.  We ran our race. We don't have a medal to show for it, but we got awesome stamps in our passports and didn't run into a single mosquito. Read Lian's complete post-Rio Random thoughts here.

On the podcast, we talk about our big nights with Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Jenny Simpson, Maya DiRado, Michelle Carter, Lily King, Brazil soccer, Simone Manuel. We were at the Aquatics Center, the Estadio Olympic, Maracana and USA House.  Lian's husband even had his own moment with Ryan Lochte.

Much like Ryan, Liz has an apology she would like to make to a community she may have offended.  Lian awards her own gold medals. We also have a few lingering questions for our friends in Brazil.  But most of all, we want to say thank you to the Olympians, the families and coaches of Olympians and our hosts in Brazil who gave is beautiful, memorable sporting competitions on one of the world's most beautiful cities


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