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Chaos Chronicles 605: An Update and Gratitude

For Satellite Sisters subscribers, Lian Dolan describes the last few months of her mothers illness, death and funeral. Also, Lessons Learned.

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Julie, Liz and Lian reconnect to fill listeners in on the turn of events in the lives  of their parents:

Julie reports on how her dad with Alzheimers is adusting to Dallas, Texas

Liz reports on our mother's cancer diagnosis and what's happening at Care Central in Santa Monica

Lian reports on her two root canals

and all the Sisters need to talk about Gen. Petraeus

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It's the final day of September, which has been quite a month for all the Satellite Sisters.  Phew!

Let's start with a Happy Birthday wish for Sheila Dolan, who dials in during today's show to give us her complete celebration update.

In other celebratory news, Julie shares to details of how her daughter-in-law got sworn in as an American citizen. Woo hoo.

Plus, Monica has a complete communication fail tale to tell.  And her latest fave romantic story from the NY Times VOWS column.

Liz has some shocking fashion and beauty biz news.  These are things she calls 'Things I did not know were things'.

Then our Roller Coaster Report - the latest family news of our father's struggle with Alzheimer's and our family's struggle to care for him.

Julie calls this week's installment:  Edna and Jim's Excellent Adventure Meets Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. 

Amen, sister.

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Today's Satellite Sisters features:

Julie on The Nekkid Prince.

Liz on The Armstrongs - Neil versus Lance. 

Monica on her vacation details- pros and cons of her two week strategy.


Some late summer beach bag book choices.

Three really nice indie movies you should support.

And our Roller Coast Report on caring for our father.

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Today on the show, Liz, Julie, Sheila and Lian connect and discuss:

The Rollercoaster Report: More on the ups and downs of caring for aging parents

In the News: West Nile Virus in Dallas; Pussy Riot in Moscow; Bra Genie in South Pasadena

Fall Fashion Preview: The Top Ten trends we can wear now. And those we shouldn't.

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How did they always open the old Wide World of Sports?  "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat". Yeah, that was us this week. 

On the thrill side, the Olympics, the Olympics and, oh yeah, Mars Curiousity.  Monica has a complete rundown of her favorite Olympic moments and people.  We know those sprint relays are always amazing but who knew platform diving could be so emotional?  What are we going to do now that the Games are over?  Julie has a specific strategy to share with is.

On the agony side, our father took a real turn for the worse this week.  Alzheimer's is a terrible disease and we are learning the hard way that we can't predict what will happen next.

On an upnote, Julie recommends that EVERYONE watch USA Swimming's cover of Call Me Maybe if you are feeling a little post-Olympic letdown and read Lian's Olympic notes on her blog Chaos Chronicles to rbing all the fun back.

And Liz exhorts the whole Satellite Sisterhood to take up trampoline.  Let's all make the team for Brazil 2016!

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On today's Satellite Sisters, we cover:

Liz's directorial debut! It turns out that telling an Oscar winner what to do was actually the easy part.

Lian's Random Thoughts on the first two days of the Olympics. She's not sure she shares Danny Boyle's vision for Opening Ceremony and still wants the answer to one big question:  Where was Adele??? On the sporting front, she's enjoying it all so much, she's not sure if she'll get ANY work done this week.

Sheila's worries about John McEnroe after seeing his interview of Ryan Lochte.  She has some advice for his hairdresser.  Plus her own athletic career is threatened by a new injury that requires shopping for some "50 Shades of Grey bondage products", whatever that means.

And everyone discusses the story in today's New York Times about whether algebra is really necessary. Our vote?  No.

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 Colorado Shootings, Sally Ride, Penn State 7 yahoo's new CEO: Satellite Sisters 072412

Lian and Julie connect on a Tuesday morning to discuss the headlines and more. On this show:

The Colorado Shootings: Julie's view from Colorado

Thank you, Sally Ride, National Hero

Yahoo's New CEO: Marissa Mayer. Can she have it all? Julie says no and Lian say yes.

Tiger Woods: Is it wrong to root against him?

Penn State Sanctions

And an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new tech project Sweets & Bitters:

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Satellite Sisters 071412 : Olympics; Penn State; Group-on Fail and Comic Con

Liz, Julie Monica an dLian on the show today.

Julie is back from London with her totally unauthorized Olympic Preview

Liz is back from Comic Con with her favorite moments from the geek fest

Lian is back from vacation and not coping well with the new plastic bag ban

and Monica is back from an epic Group On fail, otherwise known as 30 bucks wasted

Plus, Satellite Sisters Fitness Challenge winner announced

and don't miss the audio book give-away at

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Julie, Liz, Sheila and Monica on today's Satellite Sisters.

First a salute to a solid gold Satellite Sister Nora Ephron.  Nora was a favorite guest on our show and always managed to be the wise and funny voice of sisterhood.

Next on to some news + sports highlights.  Liz was stymied this week trying to keep up with all the headlines.  Thanks for nothing, CNN.

Then Julie has a real shocker.  She found a .... well, you'll just have to listen. No spoilers here.

Sheila shares some moments of meltdown. She would like to officially apologize to her mechanic and thank a stranger at Von's.

And Monica files the Mom + Dad report (she was visiting them all week) and has some crazy beauty news from The New York Times.  Were they kidding?? Hard to say.

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